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Over 4.5 billion people live in Asia, making it the most populated region of the world. Situated in this region are two unique countries, Indonesia and Thailand - vastly different countries and cultures, but each in desperate need for God. 

This year's 2019 YWEA will focus on sending the Light of Jesus to the villages and cities of Indonesia and Thailand.


CREATE a Holistic Ministry Training Center to equip the next wave of Pastors to reach the 182,000 Villages across the islands of Indonesia. Each new Pastor will be trained in "Village Skills" like agriculture, animal husbandry as well as construction skills to effectively share Jesus, help villages grow and raise food, and build houses and businesses to strengthen the village. 

PARTNER with "Send the Light to the Cities" to help establish Ministry Training Centers in the world-class city of Bangkok. The Church of God currently has 10 churches in the country of Thailand. While the number of churches is small, their impact includes vibrant churches, a coffee shop, music and multi-media studios to mobilize young leaders. Church of God World Missions needs our help to finish the Lighthouse City Project to train ministers with innovative skills to share Jesus to the masses.

RESCUE AND PROVIDE for Children in Thailand. Our 2019 YWEA efforts will also help 5 orphanages in Thailand. We will help over 200 orphan girls and boys by meeting the monthly physical needs of the children in providing food, clothing, shelter, education, and most importantly the love of Jesus their Savior.


If you would like to give to YWEA online, click here and designate YWEA as your giving fund.


Looking for an easy YWEA fundraising idea? Raise $500 with the envelope system. Each set includes 25 envelopes that are numbered in denominations from $8 to $32. Individuals choose an envelope and can either donate or raise the amount indicated on the envelope. Once all envelopes are returned, your church will have raised a total of $500!

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