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Betty Mirkovich, Women's Ministries Director


I am Betty Mirkovich. What a privilege it is for me to have the opportunity to serve in your great state again. I am looking forward to personally making new acquaintances and renewing old friendships. We love this part of the country and its people. Thank you for the way you have opened your arms and welcomed us to your state.

An exciting calendar is being set for this year in Women’s Ministries. Please be in prayer that God will help us, and He will be exalted in all that we do and all that we plan for the future. I cannot do this by myself, but if we partner together sharing our combined resources, we will be able to reach a new level in ministry. I want to hear from you and welcome your input as we step into this realm of adventurous ministry together.

Be Blessed,
Betty Mirkovich
Women’s Ministries President