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We provide professional counseling to all Church of God licensed ministers and their families. This is professional counseling that is confidential, and ranges from a variety of needs including but not limited to: marital, financial, burnout, depression, anger, false guilt, church conflict, self-esteem, loneliness, grief, parenting, etc. We are Theo-centric in our counseling process, and offer counseling from a Pentecostal perspective. We understand the importance of the Holy Scriptures along with His guiding Spirit. 

Objective: To offer care to those who are care givers. The pastoral family is under a tremendous amount of stress in today’s societal climate. There are times when the caregiver is in a season where they need to be cared for. Therefore, we want to come alongside our ministers and their families to offer care that is confidential and that is on a professional level. All of our ministers, ministerial spouses, and children are valuable. It is important that they have the opportunity to receive the love and care that they provide for their parishioners on a daily basis.


We have a wonderful opportunity to focus exclusively on the Church of God Pastor and their immediate family. Therefore, we provide professional counseling for all Church of God credentialed ministers. Not only is the counseling itself no cost to the Church of God ministers, but we also provide housing. We have a beautiful 3 bedroom home that is used for for those that decide they would like to benefit from our counseling services. 

Learn about these services and more that are available from International Offices at the Ministerial Care website,