Vision and Mission

Our mission and vision is to build the Kingdom of God in Virginia by connecting to God and one another, for the purpose of FINISHing The Great Commission in the Spirit and Power of Pentecost.

Vision and Mission Strategy

Our ministry strategy is built on the foundation of the eight Core Values and Commitments of:

  • Prayer
  • Pentecostal Worship
  • World Evangelization
  • Church Planting
  • Leadership Development
  • Care
  • Interdependence
  • Communication

Virginia 2016-2020 Ministry Program

America is no longer a Christian nation with only 17.5% of Americans attending church any given Sunday.  The US is now the third largest mission field in the world.  That is why we have been proactive in carrying the gospel to new regions of our state through planting churches and promoting creative methods of evangelism.

In correlation with the Church of God's International FINISH Commitment we have adopted the following strategy for the next several years:


Committed to...


To FINISH the Great Commission, we must FIND the lost and disenfranchised, including the unreached people groups around the world, engaging them in love and winning them to Christ.


To FINISH the Great Commission, we must INTERCEDE, making prayer and worship the highest privilege and greatest responsibility of every believer.


To FINISH the Great Commission, we must NETWORK servant leaders of all generations, including pastors, ministers, and laity for shared ministry engagement.


To FINISH the Great Commission, we must INVEST our resources by strengthening the church through strategic partnership for care, church planting, education, leadership development, and discipleship.


To FINISH the Great Commission, we must SEND disciples to all nations, actively sharing the Gospel through Holy Spirit empowerment.


As a vibrant movement, the CHURCH OF GOD must commit NOW to reap a world HARVEST with a global church focus on the Great Commission Finish.