Pulaski COG Update

Pastor Travis Gore met with officials from The Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco, and Explosives (ATF) and the Pulaski Fire Marshal’s office on Tuesday to receive the final report regarding their joint investigation. The agencies found no evidence of foul play, criminal activity, nor arson and determined that the fire started in the void of the roof section of the building and swept through the sanctuary. What specifically started the fire was not determined.

Following this report, church staff were allowed access to the remainder of the buildings. During this walk-through it was found that by God's grace, Pastor Travis Gore's office, books, ministerial credentials and files had survived the fire. Praise the Lord.

We are all grateful for this report and for the items that were saved among the devastation.

In the coming weeks, the church will continue to need our prayers and support. Many have asked about making donations during this time. Please note you may make donations at the Pulaski Church of God website, www.pulaskicog.church .


*photo credit: Travis Gore, Facebook post.