Puerto Rico May Not Survive Without Help

Church of God World Missions International Director Dr. David Griffis and Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes are heavily burdened for Puerto Rico, and are doing everything possible to send assistance. In these dark times, the church rises to the challenge, but more is needed. 

Puerto Rico is only 110 miles long and 40 miles wide. Living on an island offers no escape … there is only so far you can go to seek safety. Situations are truly desperate. 

Disaster-weary and with exhausted funding, everyone searches for ways to continue aid. The recent catastrophes have spanned the entire United States, from the flooding in Texas and Florida, the widespread fires in California, and the now unrelenting desperate situation in Puerto Rico. No words can describe how horrific it is on the small island; the magnitude of the devastation is unspeakable. 

While many grapple with just finding life’s basic necessities, there are many who realize the normalcy of life has escaped them indefinitely. Innocent people are enduring the nightmare … and many are dying. Some remote villages have been cut off from everything. 

Adding to the apocalyptic tragedy are the political issues and the island’s financial crisis. With no waste disposal, toxic conditions are created that will affect everyone on the island. Over 4,500 troops, National Guard members, Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers are on site, but it’s still not enough. FEMA has more than 800 coordinating relief efforts, and a combat surgical hospital ship is en route. Yet, the help isn’t quick enough, nor of sufficient quantity because of logistical reasons. 

“We know God’s resources are endless, but He relies on each one of us to be His arms extended and reach deeper than ever before to help alleviate suffering,” Griffis stated. “Let also our prayers rise to God for miracles to take place and His hand to move swiftly!” 

To give, visit cogwm.org/caribbeanrelief.

(Source: Faith News, cogwm.org)