Pearisburg - Ministry on the Margins

Pearisburg Church of God

A little over two years ago my family and I felt the call from God to The Pearisburg Church of God.
Our first Sunday, we had 8 people in attendance, no music, and not much else to work with. But we knew there was a huge harvest in Giles County.

The first several months I began talking about what I call contagious excitement. If one person gets excited about their church others will catch that excitement. It has worked and now #contagiousexcitement has become part of our vocabulary at the church.


As of the writing of this article nearly 100 people have come to know Jesus Christ! As of February 7th we have experienced at least one conversion each Sunday of 2016. Within the last two years, God has taken our 8 and turned it into 80. One recent Sunday we had 105 in attendance. At one time there wasn’t any music, today every instrument is filled and God has blessed us with a wonderful praise and worship leader. God will take what seems to be insignificant and turn it into something wonderful.

A few weeks ago we made the decision to tear down a wall and expand our sanctuary. We added room for about 60 more people and they are filling up weekly! We believe in the principle found in Zechariah 4:10Do not despise these small beginnings, for theLordrejoices to see the work begin.

Word is getting out in Pearisburg that there is a lifeboat at the Pearisburg Church of God!

Senior Pastor Doug Duncan