As part of a major grant the Church of God received from the Lilly Foundation, the International Executive Committee will be sponsoring a livestream session this week for pastors and church leaders.

This program is scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, April 12, 2018. It will originate from the Church of God International Offices, and anyone within driving distance is welcome to be part of the studio audience in the Leadership and Communications Center.

The event will open with members of the International Executive Committee leading a “Connect” session with pastors and denominational leaders. That interactive time will be followed by the Lilly-sponsored Pastoral Training Seminar, which includes personal financial training structured for pastors, and led by financial professionals from within the Church of God.

Speakers scheduled for the Ministers Training Conference will offer short, dynamic presentations, which we hope will assist pastors with financial issues. Subjects to be addressed during the session and the session leaders include: Pastoral Financial Strategies, led by First Assistant General Overseer Raymond F. Culpepper; Heading Off a Financial Crisis, presented by Benefits Board CEO Art Rhodes and former president of the Church of God Foundation, Clayton Watson; Money and the Family, led by Rhodes and Watson; and a final session led by Dr. H. Lynn Stone, the director of the Lilly Grant Initiative. Third Assistant General Overseer David Ramírez will lead a prayer of benediction.

Dr. Tim Hill will lead the first hour of the livestream session, which will be titled, Priorities, Paradigms, and Purpose. 

If any pastors are planning to attend in person, they should contact Susana Góngora at (423) 478-7897 to preregister, so adequate preparations can be made. 

Livestream access will be available on the home page of the Church of God website,