New Dormitory Project Update


Virginia Ministers and Leaders,

At the State Council meeting held on December 5, 2014 a decision was made to move forward with improvements on the Roanoke Ministry Center grounds. The Council empaneled a Committee of Action made up of Mark Cary (Chairman), Billy Poff, Thurman Collier, Bryan Ogle and Michael Booker and tasked them with leading efforts to accomplish the following four things.

  • Construction of a new year-round use dormitory 
  • A plan for financing the dormitory project 
  • Replacement of the existing bathhouses that serve the girl’s dormitories 
  • Refurbishment of the remaining dorms and bathhouses 
  • Over the passage of the last year several steps have been taken to implement the first of these four areas. A decision was made to construct a two-level structure that would have four bunk rooms and bath/shower facilities on each level. This design will accommodate up to 96 individuals with each level being completely independent of the other so that the building has the potential to serve male and female guests at the same time or be completely dedicated to serving a single gender.


    The Committee of Action felt that the building needed to be situated near the Hagee Dining Hall and the canteen with the thoughts of forming a central hub of activity in the area. The hillside leading up to the current girl’s dormitories will be excavated and the new structure will be built so that the first floor has ground level access on the paved area near the Hagee Dining Hall and the second floor will have walk out access to the roadway leading up the hill to the girl’s dorms.

    An engineering company has been retained for the purpose of assisting with site planning and building design. One of the first hurdles that had to be crossed was a requirement by the fire department for access to a guaranteed water source for the purpose of fire suppression. The Ministry Center is currently served by a well. This well has adequately met the needs of our facilities for many years but, it is not capable of producing the quantity of water needed by the fire department in an emergency. Since county water is not currently available on our property we had to seek alternative methods to provide the required 26,000 gallons of on-demand water required by the fire department. The requirement was satisfied by the design of a system that would pipe water from the swimming pool to a standpipe or hydrant that will be located near the new dormitory. This design provides access to the amount of water required and supplies it at an appropriate pressure.

    In late November a site plan along with an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (E&S) was submitted to Roanoke County. We are awaiting the county’s response and comments to the proposal. Once the site plan and E&S are approved we will be able to begin site work and submit plans for the building to the county.

    A fundraising campaign will begin in earnest once all county approvals have been obtained. In order to provide the funds necessary to move forward with the project we have received approval from a local bank to borrow $350,000.00. This loan should close in the next few weeks. The terms of this loan are very favorable (3.25%) and we are only obligated to pay interest on the money that we draw during the first year. It is hoped that our fundraising efforts will produce enough income to offset the entire cost of this project allowing us to pay off the loan in a very short amount of time.

    Construction of this new dormitory will increase our ability to generate rental income on a year-round basis. This added revenue stream will assist in the accomplishment of the final two elements that the Committee of Action has been asked to perform.

    The dormitories and bathhouses that currently serve our property remain functional, but the lifecycle of the current bathhouses that serve the girl’s dorms is coming to an end. It is imperative that we move forward with these action items so that we can provide quality opportunities to those who utilize our facilities.

    I will continue to keep you informed on the progress of this project. I ask you to pray that we will have the favor of the Lord as we move forward.

    Joseph Mirkovich
    Administrative Bishop - Church of God in Virginia

    Mark Cary
    State Director and Committee of Action Chairman