Ministry Opportunity as a Full-time Chaplain at CDF

Caroline Detention Facility
Bowling Green, VA

Facility Chaplain

The role of the Facility Chaplain is to plan, direct and supervise all aspects of the detainee religious program, including approval and training of both lay and clergy volunteers from faiths represented in the detainee population.

At the Caroline Detention Facility (CDF), the Chaplain also serves as the facility critical incident debriefer following significant events. He/She may also provide pastoral care to facility staff when requested.

CDF is a Department of Homeland Security facility to hold those persons on U.S.A. soil who are here illegally or their papers are in question. We are an ICE facility.   

Duties include but are not limited to:   

  • Ministering to the Spiritual needs of the Detainees   
  • Ministering to the Spiritual needs of the Staff   
  • Setting up religious services for all religious backgrounds held in this facility.   
  • Visiting the housing units on a daily bases – encouraging Officers and detainees   
  • Visiting in Segregation twice a week and encouraging the Officers and detainees   
  • Approving religious diets for the detainees.   
  • Approving religious items for the detainees to have in their personal property or on their person.     

A bi-lingual person understanding both English and Spanish would be the best match for this position, though NOT required. 

Pete Shoars is currently serving in this position until a replacement can be found. The position is full time with benefits from Virginia State including retirement and health insurance.  

Person interested should be credentialed and a chaplain with denominational backing.  

Shoars will be able to spend two weeks in training with the new chaplain or more if needed. 

For further details and to request an application, please contact: 

Peter D. Shoars, Sr
Chaplain, CDF
(804) 633-0043 ext. 161
[email protected]