Ministry on the Margins at Soul's Harbor

Soul’s Harbor Church of God

Manassas, Virginia

Fourteen months have passed since my family and I moved to Northern Virginia to assume the pastorate at Soul’s Harbor Church of God, Manassas. There are many differences in the Northern Virginia region that are true and terrifying (namely, the traffic) in comparison to other areas of Virginia. Assuming the role of pastor of a congregation that was led for twenty-one years by the same devoted and wonderful pastor could be a daunting task. 

However, with the help of God, the transition was smooth and will always be a bright spot in my ministry.

Soul's Harbor-Manassas, VA

Now, the heart of Soul’s Harbor: The men and women who make up the congregation of the Soul’s Harbor Church of God have embraced the future and are powering forward to ensure the church is strong now and in fifty years. 

Soul’s Harbor has adopted the following mission. “To be a harbor for the lost, hurting, and hopeless to encounter a Holy God who can save, heal, and restore; BY REACHING, SERVING, AND LOVING." Through these three pillars, Reaching, Serving, and Loving, the church has entered a season like none before.

Soul's Harbor Outreach Ministry

The time is now to reach out to the Portner Avenue area of Manassas. Within a five-mile radius, there are 47,000 people of every “tribe and nation”; this is a harvest field like none other in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through Community Outreach, Women’s Bible Study Outreach, Dunkin’ Donut Outreach, Children’s Ministry, and many other methods, Soul’s Harbor is seeing generations both young and old working together to reach the harvest.

Some of the successes over the last fourteen months include the renovation of the foyer, sanctuary, student and children’s ministry center, as well as, other facility upgrades. Ministry successes include eleven salvations, nine baptisms, Family and Friends Day, VBS outreach, Fortify-Ministry Summit, and reaching the community! Soul’s Harbor is also committed to reaching the world through the support of missions. The church currently supports missionaries in Romania, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Israel, and here in the United States.

Soul's Harbor Women's Ministry

The Soul’s Harbor Church of God is positioned for the future with Christ and the Great Commission leading. 

While the church history is great, the future is greater! 

Reaching the lost, serving as Jesus' ambassadors, and loving everyone is a recipe for the success of any church, and we count it a great privilege to walk out each of these areas to impact as many as possible.

Eric Medford, Lead Pastor
Soul's Harbor, Manassas, Virginia