Ministry on the Margins at New Hope (Cumberland)

New Hope Church of God is nestled in the heart of Cumberland, Virginia, where you will find the landscape just as picturesque as the hearts of the people who live there. Since we came to New Hope in the summer of 2014, God has been doing some amazing things. We give God all the glory for what He has done, and praise Him for what’s yet to come!

New Hope has many benevolent ministries, including our Curtis Rhoten Food Pantry (in honor of late parishioner, Curtis Rhoten). We feed more than 50 families each month within the Cumberland community. This past Thanksgiving, we were able to bless several families with a complete Thanksgiving boxed meal.

Because of our faithful supporters, New Hope has been blessed with the agility to respond to needs as they arise; from feeding the homeless to helping families who have been displaced by house fires and families who have experienced other tragedies. Most of these needs have no affiliation to our local church, church family or our immediate community; however, all of these needs are Kingdom connections. This summer we were able to respond to a major crisis in Rainelle, WV at the Greenbrier Avenue Church of God, after devastating floods hit West Virginia. Because of the spirit of love and hospitality, New Hope was able to send 3 truckloads of supplies, along with a clean-up crew to help with the recovery efforts.

God recently blessed us with a church van. On October 16th we dedicated the van and started our God is on the Move van ministry.

God continues to increase our reach and expand our territory in the Kingdom. Just a couple of years ago we had but a few children and teenagers attending New Hope, counting our own kids. Since then, God has blessed our church with a vibrant children’s and youth ministry. Pastor Scott Baldwin has done an amazing job with our Ignite Youth Ministry. Their mission is, Take Your Flame – Ignite the World, and that’s exactly what this generation is doing.

Even though we live in Chester, VA, which is exactly 1 hour from Cumberland; New Hope is our family and our home. People ask us all the time, “Doesn’t the drive seem a bit far, or get old after a while?” The answer is, no... Often times my family and I are singing worship songs, having our morning devotion and praying on the way to church. It’s sort of our pre-service Sunday morning thing, where we have church... on the way to church. I’m a firm believer if you go the distance for God, He will go the distance for you. 

God is using small churches all around the state of Virginia, like New Hope to ignite the fires of revival. Our folks are spending time in their prayer closets, and bringing the tinder of revival to God’s house every Sunday morning. We are experiencing a mighty “last day” great awakening at New Hope, where people are being saved, healed, delivered and restored!!!

~Pastor Andy Mutter