Ministry on the Margins at Chester COG

Chester Church of God’s desire is to advance the Kingdom of God by reaching out to the surrounding neighborhood and to the unchurched family members of our congregation.

One of the ways we have been attempting to do this is by using Wednesday night boys and girls clubs as an outreach to the surrounding neighborhood. After the lesson, they serve food which they get the children involved by helping to prepare. This has really went over well and we now have several children from the neighborhood who come regularly each week because of this ministry.

We also have an annual Fall Festival, hosted at the home of one of our church families. We have a bonfire, hayride, games, and food. We encourage our congregation to invited friends and family members of our church who may not attend services but will come to this activity. This helps create an atmosphere that is non-confrontational in which to get to know people. Our church family looks forward to this time of fellowship every year.

This year the church participated in the “National Back to Church Sunday.” We had our morning worship service and dinner on the grounds. After our meal, we had an outdoor singing which several participated. We gave gift cards to anyone that would bring five or more guests with them to help add a little incentive for inviting. We gave out three gift cards and had seventeen guests, ten of these were first time visitors. Attendance was up about 40% for the day and overall it was a success.

The church also has an annual Christmas banquet which is catered by a local popular restaurant. We also have lots of games and giveaways. The church is encouraged to invite plenty of guests which have the opportunity to hear a sermonette on what Christmas is really about, Jesus Christ.

Although we are not a large church and more like an extended family, we are trying to do what we can to make a difference in the lives of others. We want everyone who visits to feel like that are welcome and can become a part of our church family.

Pastoring a smaller church for years can be challenging but very rewarding. We have had to learn to measure progress and success with a ruler and not a yard stick. Finishing the course that has been set before us is the objective and being faithful is paramount.

For the Kingdom Cause,
Lead Pastor Earl DeHart Jr.