Kids Konnection March Report

An excerpt from Pastor Teri Mullen's Report:

Sidewalk Sunday School will be opening in just two weeks. The winter has flown by with mission’s trips and trainings. Now we look outside the office and we see crocuses and daffodils trying to peek at us from the borders of the buildings. Time to get the truck ready and the lessons prepared. Praying for good weather and lots of sunshine this semester.

The choir and dance team returned to practice their songs and get ready for the events that will be taking place this spring and summer. There has been several changes in the group as several of the teens have moved on to college and aged out of the choir. It is always hard to say good-bye, but knowing we have done our best to equip them for their future and praying they will continue to stay close to Jesus. Once again, we are starting with younger children. Each season brings new children and new songs. The rule is they need to be at least 8 years old. Somehow, there is always a younger sibling squeezed in to the group. Pray for our talented young ones.


They have several sponsors who support the children, however, they need to add more sponsors. This past year they have lost several sponsors due to their passing away. Teri and her team are praying for additional people to support their efforts in DC. Here is how you can help.

  1. Let others know about Kids Konnection. Many people have been added by recommendations from a friend.

  2. Ask your church to have our choir or dance team to come and minister to help increase awareness of what we do.

  3. Send a donation for one child each month of Sidewalk Sunday School.

  4. Support their special projects. This summer they are planning Etiquette classes, Hair workshops, Hershey Park, and Summer Camp

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