iPrayVA - Fasting and Prayer Resources 2016


Virginia Pastors,

There is a growing move in the worldwide church that focuses on committing to a season of fasting during the first part of the calendar year. We are encouraging local congregations to consider joining this effort and we have prepared resources that may be helpful to you.

You can visit our iPray website, www.iPrayVA.org to obtain more information about conducting a 21 day fast. Some of the information that we have available comes from the Awakening America Alliance which is led by Doug Small. One of the initiatives of the Awakening America Alliance is titled Praying with Jesus – a nightly 2 hour virtual prayer meeting that will take place between January 10 through January 31. Each evening there will be nationally known guests that will participate in this endeavor. For more information and instructions on how to participate just click here.

These resources listed on iPrayVA.org are meant to assist you as you lead your congregation in a time of spiritual commitment and renewal. You will find sermons on fasting, devotions, and other handouts included with these links from our archives.

If you have creative ideas that deal with corporate fasting, please feel free to share them via Facebook, by Twitter or by email.

Feel free to contact the office if you have any questions.

God bless you as you lead forward.

Church of God in Virginia State Executive Offices