Give to Hurricane Harvey Disaster

A special update from Frank Allen with Hope Charitable Services:

We are preparing to ship emergency supplies from our region to Texas. We are shipping to Operation Compassion's distribution site North of Houston in Cyprus Texas. At this point, Hurricane Harvey's impact in Texas has the potential to be the worst flood in the history of our nation. And yet things are expected to become exponentially worse. They desperately need our help.

Our donors are beginning to offer essential supplies. We are preparing to ship now. It is going to cost us an average of $4600 per load to ship from our donors across the Mid-Atlantic region. We have been communicating with Dave Lorency and he will have his site up and running tomorrow morning.

Initially we are going to provide "all out" emergency relief. As Texas transitions to recovery, we will slide back into eastern North Carolina. We have rebuilt 47 homes in and around Lumberton and our local volunteers will continue to work there to allow me to focus on serving Texas.

If churches could help us by sponsoring loads we would be very grateful. Again, it costs $4600 for HOPE to ship from our region. We are grateful for your support.

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For the mailing address or to read more information about the Disaster Update - download this PDF linked here.


Frank Allen
Hope Charitable Services