Honduras Pastor shows Why We are VITAL

Dear Fellow Pastor, 

I hope this story from our recent trip inspires you today... 

He was wearing a blue sweat-stained T-shirt and a big smile. His little boy started crying when he walked up to the church. Once the little boy found his dad, he was happy again. His wife was happy, too. She smiled, she was content, she loved her husband and family. It was a beautiful picture of a beautiful family in the mountains of Honduras. It was a pastor and his family serving the Lord with joy.    

Despite the very skilled and speedy driving of our hosts, it had taken quite a while to arrive at this mountain destination. The gravel roads weren’t in the best of conditions. Our destination wasn’t one easily found. One only travels here intentionally. But, I’m so glad this was one of our planned stops.    

It was far into the mountains of Honduras. It was a little “open-aired” church with a cow tied to the side of the building. The cow was actually the lawn tractor; on loan from someone in the congregation. The cow ate the grass at the side of the church. On Sunday mornings, the cow was moved so the children could have Children’s Church in the “mowed” area. Around 60 adults and 40 children attend church here.    

At one point during our visit, the pastor came around his parsonage “bearing fruit.” Of course, the Scriptures exhort us to bear much fruit! This pastor takes those mandates quite literally. In my mind, I have a beautiful picture of this pastor and his little five year old boy carrying loads and loads of bananas around the house. They loaded an entire truck bed with the fruit. Giving. Serving. Loving.    

No doubt, God has placed this pastor and his family right there in the middle of those beautiful mountains. It is a beautiful thing to know you are giving, serving, and loving right where God has placed you. This was obvious as we watched a pastor and his family live out their calling; even if we only viewed it for a few moments of time. Those few moments made a deep impression.   

May we live out our moments in ways that make deep impressions.   

Grace & Peace,  Pastor Greg Payne

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