Global Prayer Event with Dr. Tim Hill

Over the last few weeks, Dr. Tim Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God, has issued a number of prayer alerts – for the hurricane damage in the United States and especially in the Caribbean, for the earthquake in Mexico and for the fires in California.

On Tuesday, October 24, at 9 PM EST, Dr. Hill will host a live prayer call and briefing on the status of recovery efforts in these various places. The Church of God is working to provide relief, through local congregations, World Missions and the efforts of Operation Compassion. However, human agency is not enough. P. Douglas Small, Prayer Coordinator noted, “In the past, when natural disasters and calamities seemed to cluster, coming in bunches, the people of God paused, prayed, repented and attempted to discern any message from God in the midst of a given disaster. The great need,” Small says, “is spiritual recovery and ministry to those suffering loss – the greatest loss being their need of Christ.”

Overseers of California, Texas, and Florida along with pastors and personnel from World Missions will join the call to provide updates and pray.

Dr. Hill, notes, “We are inviting the entire Church of God family to join us in prayer for one hour – and ask God for profound intervention.”

To participate, simply call (641) 715-3580. When prompted, enter the access code – 466086#.