Free Safety Training | Bristol-Covenant Fellowship

Commonwealth of Virginia Fusion Liaison Training Program

Safety for Faith-Based OrganizatonsBristol, Virginia

Places of worship are where we feel most safe, but in fact can be extremely vulnerable. The Virginia Fusion Center is providing a presentation on how religious organizations can be welcoming and also safe at the same time. Topics will include violence in places of worship, addressing potential threats, policy and planning for violence, safety in outreach, firearms in places of worship and civilian response to active shooter events.

Virginia DCJS Law Enforcement Officers: 8 hrs. Career Development PIC approved.
Virginia DCJS Crime Prevention 8 hours CPS credit is also approved.

DATE: April 23, 2019

TIME: 8:00 AM -4:30 PM

Covenant Fellowship Church
2004 Lee Highway
Bristol, VA24201


AUDIENCE: Law enforcement officers, church security team members, pastors and concerned members of the faith-basedcommunity

DEADLINE: April15, 2019 - Reporting instructions will be sent out on this date 

DETAILS: Class is lecture based. Dress is business causal. Meals are NOT provided, but time will be made available for lunch.

TO REGISTER:  call the church @ 276-669-0473 or use link below: (This link is to the Survey Monkeywebsite)

QUESTIONS: First Sergeant Austin White, Virginia State Police: 804-674-2237

Email: [email protected]