Deepening Discipleship

As announced at the 2016 Prayer Conference, we are placing an elevated focus on the topic of discipleship (growing). You will begin to see an increase in communication from this office that is oriented toward discipleship and growth in the Christian walk. One thing we all know for sure is that a one size fits all approach to discipleship does not work. We are challenging you to develop a specific plan and then to work that plan in your setting and context. Discipleship calls for relationships, modeling, and teaching Christians the precepts of the Bible.

By designing your unique discipleship plan you are able to work within the cultural setting of your local church. Ultimately we will be asking our pastors to develop and implement a discipleship plan that deals with our growth and understanding of Christ, how to accomplish this, and the impact it will have in the lives of our people. This Deepening Discipleship emphasis will continue throughout calendar year 2016. Between now and Easter (March 27) you will receive a weekly email from me that is related to discipleship. In the time period between Easter and Camp Meeting we will be sharing videos from Virginia pastors demonstrating how discipleship is working in their local church. Your part in this Deepening Discipleship initiative will take place following Camp Meeting as I would like for every local church pastor to submit a written discipleship plan for their congregation by September 1, 2016.

In engaging the Deepening Discipleship initiative we demonstrate:

· Our accountability
· Our unique ministry settings
· Our expectations
· Our results

This is a partnership, all of us working together to develop a working discipleship focus here in Virginia.

J Mirkovich