COVID-19 Resources for Churches

During the current pandemic, we are all required to find creative ways to conduct business and provide ministry.  With that in mind, we want to bring regular updates to all our churches and ministers when we have information about resources available.

March 24, 2020 UPDATE

Resource #1

The following is an announcement regarding food services and supplies made available from Robb Knapp:

If any of our churches are putting together a food program of any kind during this pandemic, contact Robb Knapp, Sales Consultant with Reinhart FoodService, L.L.C.

He has offered to help with backpack programs or larger food programs. 

His account is able to service most of Virginia from the Tennessee line up a little past Roanoke, Tennessee down to Morristown, West Virginia over to Charleston, Western NC to the Charlotte area, Eastern Kentucky, and the Greenville area of SC. 

He has thousands of options for food and packaging available.

Reach out to him by phone or email: 

Robb Knapp
800-251-0339 ext. 522205
[email protected]