Breaking News: Extreme Camp is at FULL CAPACITY

Breaking News: Registration for next week's Extreme Camp has exceeded expectations. At this point every space available has been filled with campers. This means that no walk on campers will be admitted during registration on Monday. 

If you were planning to bring campers that were not pre-registered, please note that they will not be admitted to the Extreme camp because there is no space available.  Current accommodations allow for 308 campers and 28 cabin leaders. A count of 304 campers have been confirmed to attend. The remaining four beds are occupied by assistant cabin leaders in a few rooms.

If a student is age 14 or 15 they have the option to attend Velocity Camp which begins on July 10. While this may not be a preferable option, it is an option for students that have not yet registered, but would like to attend camp.

Please be in prayer for our summer camping program. Pray three specific things:

  • Soften the heart of campers so that they will be open to the work that God wants to do in their life
  • Safety for campers and staff while traveling to our facility, while they are here and as they return home
  • Anointing for our guest speakers and music ministry teams 

Thank you for understanding and praise God for the youth camp ministry.