Book of the Month - I Will by Thom Rainer


I Will

by Thom S. Rainer

This book (I Will by Thom Rainer) is highly recommended by Bishop Mirkovich. So much so that he has placed it as the book of the month again for February.

Below is some brief information about the book a link to read more about the author.

About the Book

Could you be the answer to the problems you see?

Every day we are faced with the needs of those around us. Emotional. Physical. Spiritual. What are we to do about it? Are these problems for our pastors to address or is there a way for the church member to make an impact that will last?

Bestselling author Thom S. Rainer answer these questions by offering nine simple traits that all church members can incorporate into your life no matter your background, stage of life, or sense of capability.

You can do it. Now it’s time to just stand up and say you will!

The nine “I Will” statements covered are:

  • I Will Move from “I Am” to “I Will”
  • I Will Worship with Others
  • I Will Grow Together with Others
  • I Will Serve
  • I Will Go
  • I Will Give Generously
  • I Will Not Be a Church Dropout
  • I Will Avoid the Traps of Churchianity
  • I Will Make a Difference

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