Appeal for Volunteers - State Dorm Project Needs Your Help

The construction of the new dormitory here at the Ministry Center is progressing. The underground concrete walls have been poured and the first floor rough-in plumbing is complete. The concrete slab which will serve as the first floor should be poured prior to Christmas. Once the concrete slab has cured we can begin framing the walls on the first floor. We anticipate getting this process started in early January. Once the framing is underway we will be able to move forward with rough-in electrical, more plumbing and various other aspects of construction.

At this point in the project I want to solicit help from you and your parishioners. We need individuals and/or teams of people who can donate time to help with construction. Housing is available here on campus for those who may need it. We are specifically in need of people who can assist with framing, plumbing and electrical aspects of the project.

If this is something that you or people from your congregation can assist us with, please contact Mark Cary or Billy Poff using one of the methods listed below. These gentlemen will be able to assist you with specifics related to schedule and skills that are needed.

Mark Cary 
[email protected] 
Billy Poff
[email protected]

Thank you in advance for you willingness to assist in this exciting project!