Amelia COG participates in Amelia Christmas Parade

The Amelia Church of God participated in the Amelia 2018 Christmas Parade. We won first place. Sister Pam Patton, our daughter Brooke and I have been at the church for 3 years. 

The Christmas theme was “The Magic of Christmas.” So for us to be in the parade we had to come up with the theme that would not be against what we believe. We used “Let His Word UnWrap the Magic of Christmas”. It was a touchy theme so we were real careful, yet we wanted to make a difference in our community. I have been leading Amelia Church of God to reach outside our walls into our community. 

Our Vision for the community is to Reach, Receive, Renew, and Release those in the Kingdom. To Reach for the Harvest, To Receive them into The church and God’s kingdom. To Renew them by the Word of God. Then to Release them to minister back in the harvest fields. 

The parade float consisted of lots of huge wrapped Christmas presents at the back of the float. At the front was a small tree, a rocking chair for the Pastor holding a large Bible plainly in sight, and in the middle were kids listening to the Christmas Story. Along with other accents and decorations. On the presents were the words, Love, Peace, Joy, Hope, and Grace. Walking along beside the float were 6 members, 3 on each side wrapped up as Christmas presents, some carrying large boxes wrapped up with the bottom and top gone, others as other types. They were giving out Candy Canes with Business card size information about the church, phone, address, and service times, attached to the candy cane. We gave out about 2000 candy canes with different shapes of them. 

While we were in route several people in the area said "Preach the Word," some commending us for getting the Word out, others cheering us on. What a time for rejoicing and letting everyone know that Jesus can change lives. When we unwrap his Word some of the things we receive are love, joy unspeakable, grace, peace, and the hope that the gospel brings. We pray somebody along the way got the message that there is hope in Christ and that the good news can change their lives. 

As a result we won first place and we were in the local newspaper, Amelia Moniter. We won a trophy! Praise God for his word coming alive in our lives. We are making a difference in our village at Amelia Church of God.