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2017 Talent Festival Information for Participants

  • Check-in: Check-in begins at 8:45 on Saturday morning. It is only necessary for one to two representatives from each church to come to the registration area to check-in. Event staff will convey information to these representatives that can be shared with their group.
  • Soundtracks: We will direct you to the correct area to turn in soundtracks at Check-in. Our preferred approach is to have a CD with one track on it. This precludes the possibility of the sound tech playing the wrong track. Please mark your track with name, category, track title, and track number (if necessary, but please use the one track to one CD method).
  • Art & Multi-Media Projects: The Art Coordinator will be ready to assist you at Check-in with your project. Please make certain that you have completed the Art or Multi-Media Project Information Sheet. You can download this below.
  • Schedule: A brief schedule as well as a full schedule breakdown is available below. Please be aware that participants active in more than 4 entries will likely have an intensive schedule of performances. We have endeavored to give these participants as much time as possible between performances.
  • Changes: If you have any corrections to make, please contact our offices by Monday, April 24 by emailing youth@vacog.org.
  • Questions: If you need further information, please contact us at youth@vacog.org
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