PRIORITIZE PLEASE (Ch. 2 Outline) by Helene Chapman

How to Avoid an Oil Leak

As the widow in II Kings 4:1-7 came to realize the importance of obedience to God and sold everything keeping only the oil, we likewise need to reflect on our lives and place priority on that which is the most important and necessary.

Guarding the Oil at all Costs 

Read Matt. 6:33 AMP

  • Aim and strive after His kingdom and His righteousness.
  • Shut the door to the strategy of the enemy.
  • As He leads us, we in turn lead others by example.

Keeping Things in Proper Order

  • His presence is always a priority
  • I have a positive proclamation
  • I pursue God proactively
  • My petitions are passionate
  • My praise is powerful
  • I experience His perfect peace

Knowing the Signs of an Oil Leak

  • Is God's presence a priority?
  • Is your proclamation positive?
  • Is your pursuit proactive for God?
  • Is your petition passionate when you pray?
  • Is your praise powerful for all His benefits and blessings?
  • Have you lost your peace and find yourself stressed in the midst of your battles?

Make time for honest self-evaluation. If you sense a negative pattern developing, then there is a potential oil leak that can lead you away from your purpose.

Strengthening Our Hearts and Minds with His Word

  1. Reflect upon the parable Jesus taught us in Matthew 25: 1-13
  2. Meditate on Psalm 139:23 & 24
    • Write a prayer asking God to help you improve in areas you have seen possible oil leaks.
  3. Matthew 5:6 says "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled."
    • What happens to our desire when we truly hunger for God?
  4. Read and reflect upon Psalm 63:1 and Psalm 42: 1 AMP version.
    • How does this relate to our need to self-evaluate?
    • How does this liken our inner self to the physical body that cannot live without water?
    • Who is that Living Water?
  5. Read and reflect upon Psalm 5:3 AMP
    • How does this speak directly to our need to prioritize and our communication with God?
    • What does this verse tell us to do that we often forget in our prayer life?
  6. Psalm 19:14 reminds us how important our words and thoughts are.
    • Our thoughts and words should have what characteristics?
  7. Read and reflect on Psalm 91:2.
    • How will God guard our heart against the snare of the enemy and that dreaded oil leak?

Standing Strong Through the Storm of Life

Read and reflect on Psalm 107:28-30.

  • Have you weathered any storms lately?
  • When did you call out to God? Was it after you tried to resolve it yourself first?
  • Although we know we can 'cry out to the Lord in times of distress or trouble,' what storms have you faced that you were unaware of at the time because God was your first priority and you spent time communicating with him daily, even hourly?

You Are Valued by God

Read and reflect on Psalm 139:14-18 AMP

  • You were bought with the greatest price of all.

As you journal this week, ask yourself what your potential and purpose are. This will require you to prioritize your prayer life as the first most important communication of the day. Take these statements to heart as you seek God's strength and replenish your oil!

  • Pray for God to awaken your potential so that you can make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Potential is powerless until utilized. Your full potential is never fully realized until you routinely spend time in His presence.
  • Having great potential is His gift to you. Using it is your gift to Him. His presence awakens our potential and purpose.

Spend time in Psalms. Write down your thoughts. Meditate on Him!

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