PRESENCE AND PURPOSE (Ch. 3 Outline) by Susan Belisle

Presence and Purpose

I.  Recognize the presence. (II Kings 4:8-10)

a.  How do I prepare a place for His spirit in my home?





b.  Who do I recognize as having the “presence of God” in their lives?

c.  At what expense (V.10) would you go to “host” the presence of God?

d.  In the middle east culture hospitality is valued, but in our culture, with our schedule we tend to be too busy. How can we be open to “hospitality” in our homes?

II.  Reward of the presence (II Kings 4:11-16)

a.  List the blessings the Lord has given you? Top 10?

b.  As we “host” his presence what benefits do we receive?

c.  In V.16 she doesn’t want to be disappointed. How have you been disappointed? How has God helped to heal that disappointment?

d.  She had to wait for a year? What promise(s) are you still waiting for? How long have you been waiting?

III.  Reality of the presence (II Kings 4:17)

a.  How does Luke 21:33 speak to you today?

b.  What was the last promise of God that came to fruition in your life? How long did you wait for it?

c.  “The mean time is mean time.” On a scale of 1-10 (1 being impatient, 10 patient) How would you rank your patience?

d.  Read Ecclesiastes. 3:1 - What season are you in?

e.  Micah 7:7 (Amp)

1.  How is your confidence in God?

2.  Do you wait with hope or doubt?

3.  Do you hope with expectancy?

f.  It is amazing that all of this began by a simple act of hospitality. What are some “small things” I need to put into practice?

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